Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Queluz Palace Amazing

Breki time again and down to the cafe again I was given the "throne" chair and I was served the rolls and coffee (really loved their coffee) and ham and cheese today my dessert was piece of cake not as wonderful as the cream cake but very good.

lovely breakfast

I decided to go to Quelez Palace (The 18th-century Queluz Palace Garden, built by King Pedro III) today as heard it was beautiful and they weren't kidding took the metro from Sintra to Queluz and then walked it was hard to find as there were signs pointing the way but they ended and did not go all the way. I saw a couple who were trying to find it they didn't speak English but they finally got instructions and motioned for me to follow them.  What can I say gorgeous first toured the palace and was just awestruck. I walked through the beautiful rooms with beautiful chandeliers each more beautiful than the other. I then went outside and there was a woman with an owl and she was having him fly from one area to the other on cue and I heard her tell someone she was teaching him English I stood and watched and asked if I could take a photo she said yet and then she told me by the cafe there were more. At one point when the owl was flying he went right over my head scared me. I then went to cafe had my sandwich I brought along with some pepsi and took photos of the owls and enjoyed the weather. I then walked the grounds and was in awe I had the perfect day and the sky and clouds were unreal these photos are untouched it was just how it looked. I just could not believe the beauty of the place and how lucky I had such a good weather day.  I was amazed I was there for hours but I did not know the time and I knew they closed by 4 and I was also very hot so I finally decided to leave and head back to Sintra.


I looked in some shops and caught the metro back to Sintra. I walked around some I really wasn't hungry despite no dinner, what can I say when I travel eating is second to me. I decided to go to the cafe part of my B and B and have a brownie which they covered in warm chocolate and a pot of tea. The girl working there was from Mozambique but had been back and forth between there and Portugal. She was excited I was from the US and especially NY but I explained I was quite away from New York City she wants to go to America because it is the land of the free. I just loved the way she said Buffalo and it was good chatting with her she offered to take photos of me on my throne.

Summer by John Cheere

Neptune Fountain John Cheere (1709–1787).

Quelez Palace is known for its Rococo Style

  Rococo, less commonly roccoco, also referred to as "Late Baroque", is an 18th-century artistic movement and style, which affected several aspects of the arts Versailles-like palace is the country's finest example of Rococo architecture.\commissioned I 1747 summer residence of the royals

Mars on the right

Neptune dancing