Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dwarfland aka Wroclaw Poland

Wroclaw Old Town

I almost missed the plane in Chicago I was sent to the wrong gate  it was quite the haul to get back but I made it, and nearly keeled over trying to get my breath.  I was under the impression I was flying  Lufthansa but it was United. What made it bad I did not get any ticket except out of Buffalo so had no idea of the gate, to go to. The flight was ok slept some but not enough too early in evening. I arrived in Wroclaw and I got a bus to the train station and my hotel was not too far from there maybe 20 minutes walk. I was staying a hostel checked in and opened my rail ticket that was delivered there. I then headed to the train station and when I was done there I walked to the old town.

Hanging with the Dwarfs in Wroclaw Poland they are all over the place you have to look down to spot them, I missed some the first time around Cricket is having a blast standing with them an posing he thinks he is so hot well he is.

(In 2001, to commemorate the Orange Alternative movement, a figurine of a dwarf (the movement’s symbol) was officially placed on Świdnicka Street, where the group’s happenings used to take place. It is probably one of the few cases in the world where such a subversive group has been honoured by the city authorities, who commissioned the placing of a statue of a dwarf in the city centre.)

Arick the traveler
Cricket and a Dwarf

me and Cricket hanging out

Pole dwarf