Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday Wroclaw

Wroclaw Town Hall

 I went to Mass today thought it would be nice to experience Palm Sunday mass in Poland they buy/make dry flowers instead of palms like in the US.  I was walking from my hostel and I saw this one girl had this huge one and flowers galore she thought she was tough Shit and well she was. I thought she might be going to mass so I followed for several blocks and arrived at Church of Sts. Maurice I decided to get some dried flowers, they were selling out the side church well it was actually a donation. I asked if I could take a photo of the flowers on the table, the kid nodded yes and then he picked up one and did a silly pose so I took his photo. I went in and the mass was on I did not realize it was the end of an earlier mass.  At the end every one took part in  a procession up the aisle behind the priest and the altar boys. I then went and got a seat for the next mass which was totally in Polish the only word the same was AMEN. I also noticed the priest said cheesecake or at least it sounded like it.

inside the church St Maurice

I walked back to town and was in search of several places on my walking guide. I decided to have a chicken kabob plate that I spotted yesterday, plenty of chicken and veggies cheese, salad and a bunch of fries. I found yet another church and went inside it was beautiful. There were a quite a few churches to visit but so many of them had a mass on so I was unable to walk around and take photographs.  I can not believe how many masses there were at each church as many as 10 at some churches totally unreal.

enjoying a meal

Walking around last night had seen this real character rambling around town yelling hello and going on in Polish quite a character with a santa like hat. I had some change today and I showed my camera and I indicated photo I gave him the change and he was quite pleased.

I found the
Love Bridge where people put padlocks declaring their love there were at least a 1,000. I found a nice spot and had an ice cream cone and people watched, which is one of my fave things to do on  a trip. I am tired again probably early to bed, like last night I slept 11 hour. 

Bridge of Love Wroclaw

Tumski bridge (Most Tumski in Polish) in Wroclaw, Poland
Cricket and dried flowers

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