Monday, April 21, 2014

Cologne Cathedral awesome

Easter egg Cologne Train station

I got up  early to explore Dusseldorf in the morning, I saw a spire in the distance and headed in that direction it was some office building I wandered up and down some streets hoping to find something and then just gave up got my suitcase and headed for Cologne. I since discovered I was in the wrong area to see any sights. It was a long ride to Cologne as I was on the BAHN not a train and it took well over an hour, instead of 30 minutes but I just wanted out of Dusseldorf.

  Coming through the train station I was amazed at the size of the Cathedral as I could see if through the train station window, I could not wait to check into my hotel to visit it, it was a couple blocks walk to my hotel. I was able to check in early and the headed back to the Cathedral. I walked around the outside it is amazing too and was  trying to see it from all There was no admission but you could give a donation.  You were able to take photos which is always nice. The outside is amazing too walking around trying to see it from all angles. 

statues cathedral side

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