Monday, April 14, 2014

My Polish Rail adventure finding my way to Prague

Wroclaw Train Station

I had bought my ticket on line through Pol Rail and I paid to have it delivered to my hostel, it was there when I arrived no problem.  When I looked at the ticket I saw a time change and notes written about it. I looked at the ticket instead of leaving at 9.52 am it said 5.57 am and that just didn't make sense that it would be leaving 4 hours earlier but not arriving any sooner, in fact it was later. I went to the train station and managed to find someone working who knew English I couple knew some but not a lot.  I kept trying to get her to check the schedule and see if it was actually  9.57 (as other changes were all just several minutes difference. I could not get across to the woman to check the schedule she kept saying you can not cancel here but on line and I kept saying I am just need to see if this is in error this went on for awhile and then finally said she would check to see if there was a change and sure enough it was 9.57. The she decided to print another schedule out for me. I looked at it later and thought well this is way different with changes.It had me changing trains more than twice which the original print out stated.

I decided to go back early Monday AM to re-check this and the same woman was rude she said you were here 2 days ago and that you were told then and get out. So what could I do. I got on the train when it left made the first 2 changes and then we stopped and a conductor came in and told me I had to get off now and take a bus. He was telling me where to go to get it and then another man who was getting off duty came and showed me the way. It was raining now but I got on the bus and there were others, including a woman who worked for the railway. We rode a bit and then someone yelled to the driver that he went past a stop so he backed up and went to the stop. That turned out to be the stop for most of us and the woman who worked for the railways grabbed my case and helped me to the next train which was a very small train, and only a couple cars. We rode a short distance then she motioned me to get off and then get on another train.

Now I am on the new train and she is gone and along comes the conductor to check my ticket and he keeps looking at it and me and says WRONG train by now I am like  WTF.  I explained to him about the change in schedule, thank goodness he had a pretty good grasp of English. He then asked to see my passport and after checking and rechecking he said you are going to Prague but not the way the ticket says and you are coming from the other direction. He then decided that since I was going to Prague and the train was going he would just let me go.  This was good but then it was time for yet another train change. So now it meant a new conductor who was pretty young and my stomach was sinking about explaining this all over to him he looked at the ticket he looked at me he looked at it again and then just shook his head and walked away.

Municipal House Prague

I arrived Prague just before 5 pm asked directions to train station worker and he looked up my hotel on his phone he walked me out  the door a bit pointed to the hotel and then asked me for money for helping me because he has no place to live but on the street I gave him some money and he walked away. I was wondering did he really work for the railway or did he somehow get a uniform.

National Museum Prague

I checked into my hotel, Hotel Sovereign Prague which was very nice and then set off to see a bit of Prague and some dinner. I walked to Wenceslas Square  Town Easter market looked at some of the things for sale. I then spotted a booth selling tours and booked a tour on the spur of the moment to Cesky Krumlov for the next day (he bad part was not checking weather first.I headed down to Republic square so I could see where the tour left from it was pretty awesome looking.  I walked back to my hotel and had dinner at a Turkish restaurant across from it had chicken and potato and a yummy bread it was huge.

My Turkish dinner