Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cricket is lost in Prague !!!!!!!!

I went down to New Yorker store to meet up with Sandeman free tour of Prague I met a small group and then the guide headed to old town for the start. My guide was Karrl and he was awesome; was full of fun and he had a mp3 along to play appropriate music as we went along. It was interesting and we visited so many places and  we saw  5 synagogues, we learned that a Czech person invented contact lenses and other interesting tidbits. Prague is still pretty much in tact in comparison to other Eastern European cities that went through the war.

There was a break and I sat with some college students from NJ who were going to school in Newcastle, England they were using their breaks to visit Europe we discussed how cheap Czech Republic was they wanted to know places I have been they were suitably impressed I was on my own. Once that tour completed I wound up where the next tour to the castle started I tipped Karrl and decided to do the tour. We headed off to the castle we had to hop a tram I got on and it started so quick I almost fell lucky a woman grabbed me. I would have been hurt.  I was disappointed to find St Vilnius church was closed main reason for the tour they should have said that before ticket sale, the tour was ok but not worth the cost would have done as well on my own. 

Prague Castle

We took a break and for some reason decided to take Cricket out but he was not in my bag, I was freaking first I was telling myself that he wanted to stay in Prague but the more I thought of it the more upset I got.  I left the tour group and started back to the last place I saw him.  I looked everywhere even garbage cans. I was very upset and I kept telling the Universe I kept saying put him back I looked everywhere back to where I last saw him to no avail. I started walking back towards the exit and said you better let me find him now I want him back. I walked into an area I had already been and I spotted him sitting on a wall he was quite a distance away yet I knew it was him. It was like he was saying here I am. I was beaming away when I got to him I actually said out loud there you are. A man standing near him said he is yours. He said someone out him there so you could find him.

I suddenly heard drums beating very loud and I look and Jesus was coming by carrying the cross I had walked into a passion play. I decided to follow it and I am glad I did it was quite interesting.

It was getting late and I headed over the Charles bridge it was awesome. I was a bit off track so I had to verify my direction I finally stopped to eat was nearly 8 and I hadn't eaten in nearly 12 hours. I had a kabob plate yummy. Then I walked back to my hotel through the Easter Market.

Charles Bridge