Monday, April 21, 2014

Sightingseeing in Berlin and another train adventure

I was up early 6.30, you had to pay for breakfast 6 euro but considering there were no places to eat except  the train station and I had already checked it out the night before I bought breakfast. They had this awesome roll with big greens seeds they also had coffee, cheeses sliced bread and fruit and fruit cocktail which I had got used to adding some yogurt on top.

I headed out by 9.30 I had till 5.40 to catch the train to Dusseldorf.  I headed for Charlotteberg Palace I bought a day pass and hopped the S bahn #7 and then had to change to U2 Bahn Station I had a bit of trouble finding it and had to ask. I had to walk for about 25 minutes after arriving at the station.  It started to get sunny when I got there and it looked very pretty.  I took some photos and walked through the gardens I decided not to go inside as I really did not have enough time to spend.  I headed back to U2 and then the S Bahn#7 again and coming from that direction I found it was easy to find the S Bahn. I headed to the Berlin Cathedral next on my list, it was not far from the U bahn station. 

Schloss Charlottenburg

The Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) is the Evangelical Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church it was beautiful church it was damaged during WWII and reconstruction was started in 1975. It is located at Museum Island an area where there some of the city's museums. I did not visit the museums as I would be heading out in a couple hours but I walked around the outside of them, some impressive looking buildings.

Berliner Dom

Door to Berlin Dom

I was getting a bit hungry and it was getting closer to dinner time and also time to catch my train so I took the U back to the Zoo Garten  and had a box  lunch of chicken with noodles  and it seemed bottomless especially for the cost of 4 euro.

I went back to the hotel to get my luggage so I could set off for my next destination Dusseldorf. I'd like to say it was an easy trip but it was not. We made it to about 45 minutes from Dusseldorf but we kept sitting in the station. The made some announcements in German and I had no idea. Luckily (0r so I thought) I asked the women near me what was said. They said there was a delay in the train and as a result the train would not go to Dusseldorf but go straight to Cologne. I had to get my suitcase and get off train to find out where I could go to catch a different train that would go to Dusseldorf.  I finally found a conductor speaking English who went to check and came back and said the train was going to go after all. I got back on the train, again we sat waiting. The phone rang several time and the conductor would jump on the train and answer. He finally got a call that upset him and he was bashing his head to the wall, well almost actually hitting the wall.  He then made the announcement that there was a delay because someone was trying to commit suicide by jumping on the track. That was sad to hear so I said a quick prayer for them.  Then came the announcement we were good to go we had waited almost an hour. I finally got to Dusseldorf and it was dark as now it was almost 10 pm. I had to walk into a store to ask where my hotel was even though there was a sign in the station pointing it out the location but once you go outside nothing. I was lucky the shop keeper knew enough English and where the hotel was. It did not look like the best area to be walking alone at night but I made it.