Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vianden Palace and Luxembourgh

Vianden Castle

I arrived in Luxembourg around 5.30 pm and set off in search of my hotel it was not too hard to find.  I then went in search of dinner  I was staying near the train station and there really weren't too many places to eat. I finally settled for a pizza place that also had pasta I had tortellini with cream sauce and it was a bit too strong for me. I then explored the area near my hotel. 

The next morning my goal was to visit Vianden castle which was in Vianden I went to the train station and I got an all day  pass 4  euro It was about a 25 minute ride to town and from there it was a bus to Vianden about a 25 minute ride. It was a very pretty town despite it being cloudy, so I could just imagine a clear day.  I stopped at the tourist board to ask how I could get up to the Castle she said I could walk up Main Street to the castle or take the chair lift. I decided to walk so I could see the town. It was not a bad walk for the first part but when I got to the edge of town I saw a sign pointing to the castle and I followed and walked uphill in a wooded area shades of Wales and a castle a few years ago. I got up a bit saw a sign private property and walked back down.  

what I thought was an entrance

 At this point  I did not know where to go but walked a little further and saw what appeared to be an entrance. I decided to follow the road that just went up and up and I thought once  was at the top I would be there. I really walked a lot up hill and it was pretty stupid of me to continue and I could see a road in the distance so I continued up. I got up there and there a road alright but no castle. I then worked my way down thinking just how dumb I was I was so worn out I thought if I collapse no one will find me.  When I got down I started walking back towards town and then I could see in front of me up the hill the Castle I could not believe I missed it. I got to the part to walk up to it and could see that it was blocked by trees coming from the other direction no wonder I missed it, plus now people were arriving. The Castle was beautiful outside and I took photos and met the Castle cat.

I decided to go inside and I have to say to me it was really not worth the admission of 6 euro. I really prefer a furnished Castle so it was disappointing although they did have armor and some furniture. I came out and started back to town had no clue where the chair lift was located.

Inside the Castle

I saw a church  the Trinitarian Church with its two naves and its splendid Gothic vaults in 1248 and walked in and it was open because a tour was going on so I was able to look around and it was  beautiful. I then walked down to catch the bus and I saw it pull away so I decided to get dinner at that point and walked back and saw a Kabob place and sat outside and had a beef kabob. I went to catch another bus but I missed that one too. So I decided to walk around town so more along the river, it was quite a pretty town.

I finally got on a bus I had plenty of time to catch the train or so I though however we got stuck in a lot of traffic and also a detour. I hopped off the bus and headed towards the train I saw one a train so called over to a conductor was that the Luxembourg train and he said it was. The train was across some tracks so I saw several people including one with a bike  walk across the tracks and motioned could I cross over and I was told no go around. Well that mean I had to run down about 25 stairs and then  up 25 more and naturally the train pulled away, not a happy camper.  Luckily another one was leaving in about 10 minutes so I caught that. 

Once back in Luxembourg I walked off in search of  The Grand Ducal Palace there was really not much to it but I looked around from the outside. I then explored some other areas nearby and then decided it was time to be heading back to my hotel as it was getting close to dark.  I saw a monument with a woman on top with a gold wreath so I decided to head there first it turned out to be a beautiful World War II memorial.

Royal Palace Luxemburg

War memorial Luxemburg



I had a 1 pm flight so after breakfast I walked around outside a bit and looked in a lovely church and then I headed back to check out. I was paranoid on the bus getting me to the airport in time. I read one place 15 minutes another said 45 so I took no chances. It was about 15 minutes probably because no traffic as it was Sunday morning.  I was way too early for such a tiny airport but the good part I was able to have a really good choice of seats when I checked in. It was my first flight on Lufthansa and I had to admit I was suitably impressed. The dinner included wine and they came around a second time after dinner we were offered Bailey Irish Cream and that was most enjoyable. I also was impressed how many times they came around with water or juice at least 5 times. On long flights you really need liquid and I am so used to airlines coming around maybe 2 times after that you have to go and ask.