Friday, December 12, 2014

Meeting Father Christmas

Father Christmas and Cricket and me
One of my bucket list was meeting father Christmas in England and I was able to do so in Shrewsbury we went into town to see the Christmas decorations and I saw a sign father Christmas in the mall so we walked around and finally found him.  They had a Santa grotto and they had admission with a present from various ages and it was for a charity. I wanted to see the Santa and get a photo I was prepared to pay the price for it, it was 5 pounds including a little gift. I told his elf and he said oh no charge come in and meet him. We walked in and it was a very tiny low seat but I managed to get myself down on the chair, not and easy task it was a very low chair and  I have arthritis in my knee and it does not bend totally, Santa even offered to move to a bench.

I was busy telling Santa how I loved Shrewsbury and he said he was from Scotland so was his elf, I asked where and he said Arbroath and that the American Declaration of Independence was based on the Scottish one written there, he was very proud of that fact. When I finally went out my cousin husband was beginning to wonder where I was and if I had been kidnapped by the Elves. The rest of my time near there was spent with my family there we just explored some areas and made a quick trip to
Wales and looked for Christmas trees.

pretty little village of Alderbury

St Michaels and All Angels church of England

Love the bear in Shrewsbury Mall

love the black and whites of Shrewsbury

Powis Castle Waes