Sunday, December 14, 2014

St James and Family

me and Golden Paws

The next day I was meeting my two cousins Vincent and Gerry at Kings Cross after a quick breki I headed off to St James Park I had a few hours to visit so decided it was a good time. I got off at Green Park and headed off to St James saw the Paddington at Canada gate and had my photo snapped. I passed Buckingham Palace and snapped a quick photo of the Christmas Tree and the Guards were coming up the Mall so I took a few shots of them before heading to the park

Buckingham palace Christmas Tree
guards in their winter coats

I walked through the park looking at the swans and also managed to have my "token" bridge photo before heading back to Kings Cross, There was a bit of mix up trying to find my cousin Gerry at Kings Cross and finally his brother found him and we made arrangements to meet at the front but then I heard Vincent calling me because when we all started walking they were behind me. We headed for a pub and they had some beers and I had a glass of wine I was sipping it slowly because wine and me in the middle of the day is a no no because I get tired.
They suddenly decided to head to another pub in Camden Town and I guzzled down my wine and headed out behind them.  It was not an easy task walking behind them because I was a bit wobbly once we got up to Charring Cross Rd they decided to hop a bus. We got there and spent the rest of the afternoon eating and drinking well I had one more wine, that was  my limit.
Bird St James Park

Token Bridge Photo

Swan ready to take flight

Queen Victoria Memorial

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