Thursday, December 18, 2014

Antibes by the sea beautiful sea

Antibes is built upon the foundations of the ancient Greek town of Antipolis.

Nomade in the distance

I arrived in Antibes to a  beautiful warm day it was awesome I felt so lucky I could not ask for more first off walking to the Sea (yes calling me again) was Port Vauban, the largest marina in Europe it was full of boats and yachts from all over and with many interesting names

Port Vauban

I walked along the harbor for awhile then spotted this "man" in the distance his head and shoulders  I had to climb up lots of stairs (my knee was not to thrilled at this but I had to carry on) and walk along a wall to see him. It was a sculpture Nomade which was a man of letters,  is a creation by contemporary Catalan artist Jaume Plensa, who lives and works in Barcelona and Paris, simply amazing. I took a few million photos and just sat and admired the work viewing it from many angles) I was highly impressed. Just seeing this work of art was worth my trip to Antibes so glad I got to enjoy

The man of letters
I look so tiny sitting on his lap

seeing the sky through him

I walked along the wall enjoying the views of the sea stretching before me.  I finally found my way to a spot and settled down on rock taking off my shoes and socks and made my way across the stones to get to the water. Yes the beaches there have a lot of stones and very little sand and what sand they have is full of stones, (sounds like the beginning of a song) I had rolled my jeans up I stepped in the water and waited for the waves to come to me  wonderful. I then managed to get back to my spot not an easy task stepping on the stones and not falling, and then having to put my socks and shoes back on not an easy task sitting on a small rock and trying to put on with a knee that does not bend.

selfie (note the man)

I finally was able to pull myself away from the Sea and went in search of Picasso museum, I found it but it was not open yet and waited until it opened at that point decided to use the toilets (real one) and then do some more walking along the sea and come back to the museum later. I then returned and visited the museum which is located in the Chateau Grimaldi. In 1946, Picasso came to live in the Ch√Ęteau Grimaldi and was so delighted with the place and the views out to sea that he later gave a large number of his works to the town. The Grimaldi family a branch of the Grimaldi family of Monaco.  I really am not into kind of work on display at the museum although I found the sculptures outside to be interesting if you are a fan of Picasso houses over 250 of his works.

amazing colors

learning to sail

sculpture garden Picasso museum

I walked through town after that and had a piece of bread like pizza and then I went to the town center and looked in some shops and then Christmas decorations I was quite tired and decided to leave before it was totally dark but I did have trouble finding my way back to the train station as I had gone to many areas, in the dark things do not look the same but I finally found someone who spoke enough English to tell me where it was, once I said Gare they knew what I meant. The bad thing traveling this time of the year it is dark so early
interesting shop

Antibes Christmas Fair

yummy chicken at Asian Restaurant in Nice I ate at this place several times