Saturday, December 13, 2014

Being Wreckless!!

After a nice breakfast at my cousins house she made me an English Breakfast to fill me for the journey it was time to head back to London I caught the afternoon train and had pretty nice trip. Upon arriving in London I checked in at Hotel Meridiana near Kings Cross I have stayed here a number of times over the years, it is central and I feel it is home. I changed and headed out in search of an evening meal before my special night.  I headed to a Kabab place near Tottingham and had a quick bite.

heart attack on a plate but so yummy

I then headed off walking to Oxford Street and the 100 Club so I could see Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby show. I had time to kill so I walked up Oxford Street to Regent Street to see some Christmas lights then I looked in a little shopping area and had something warm to drink.  I then headed to the Club.  I had got a ticket from a place that suggested you just right down the number of the ticket receipt so I had written it on a piece  of paper Eric and the number.  When I handed it in the woman said what's this you have Eric's phone number?
Regents Street and Oxford Circus

 I then looked for a spot to stand no one was near the stage so I found a spot and sat on a chair a bit and waited. When they finally came out I got a spot but was behind 2 guys well over 6 feet tall. I had to stand and put my head in between the shoulders the one left of a beer and I stood in his spot but had to move behind when he came back. The other guy went for a beer and I had hit spot and maybe because he realized how tall he was he let me keep the spot. It was a totally awesome show and they were in great form  and they did a lot of the songs I loved.  the end was fun because Eric came back dressed as Santa and his song Christmas on the M62.  After that I got a cd and had it signed and headed out to my hotel.  I started to walk but it was so late and getting cold.  So I decided to catch a bus. I got on the bus no problem but after   a few stops we were told to get off and wait for another. As we waited more buses came and people all got off. Finally a bus came that I knew would get me near the hotel so I got on and completed my journey.

my view

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