Monday, December 29, 2014

London oh London who I love thee

Westminster at Christmas

Well  I must love London because I just keep going back when I am there I am happy I love going to all my familiar places. I call them by their first names because we are in a personal relationship.  I am rushing to see Ben I can never get enough photos and then there is James a yes he is the best and of course Paul (no not that one) and My Bridge someone familiar with these places may know what I am referring to but in case not.
Ben at Christmas time 
Ben is Big Ben yes it got renamed Elizabeth Tower in honor of the Queen's 60 year reign but sorry Queenie I do not think so. Then there James yes I fell in love with James on my first visit to London in 1971 and I managed to visit every time I go I feel I am home when I see James aka  St James Park and Paul well that is St Paul's Cathedral and I have snapped dozens of photos across the river, up close and I never stop. The Bridge well that's the Tower Bridge, rumors were that when  London Bridge was bought by an American in 1968 has been denied. Personally why would anyone consider that Bridge at all. 
dinner time at James 

Over the years like a couple years ago when i spent a week tramping around I said ok fine for now and then when I was home a few weeks I had the yearning to go again. So somehow I find my way back and over and over. There are my faves of course but there are always new areas to discover as  Samuel Johnson said.

"No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." — Samuel Johnson
Paul   St Paul Cathedral 
Me and my Bridge 

Tower Bridge

view across the Thames

Another great spot is Trafalgar Square despite the loss of the pigeons that are no longer allowed there too bad I really enjoyed them although I get the reasoning then there is the newer built Shard personally don't like this building but they did it up pretty good for Christmas. St James is always a special treat and one of the things I love most are the pelicans.  Let's not forget the London Eye with awesome views of London visit on a clear day and you can see for Miles and Miles.                                                      
Pelican St James park
about to take flight

The Shard
Methodist Central Hall
Westminster Abbey
along the Thames RAF Memorial
dinner at my fave restaurant Capital Restaurant the Cut

Buggy ride Harrod's 
London Eye