Friday, December 19, 2014

Monaco was so delightful

I missed  the train to Monaco and I had to wait for another one.  Pulling into the train station in Monaco it was quite long was quite impressed. I asked someone what would be the best way to go to the The Prince's Palace and I was told to walk through a long tunnel towards area for about 10 minutes to Fontvieille exit and then arrived outside sign posts were clearly marked as I headed for the Palace. The bad part was having to climb up to the Palace there were a lot of stairs and I had to stop at times. Arriving at the top the views were amazing. I was too late for the guard changing; but still saw a very obliging guard and had my photo taken with him. The Palace is closed to tourist in the winter but I walked around the beautiful area, gazing at the Sea below and the many yachts parked there.

amazing colors

don't shoot cricket
the Palace

the statue of Fran├žois Grimaldi outside the palace commemorates his capture of the fortress disguised as a monk in 1297

I looked in some shops and then headed down the steps I walked following the wall around the sea and I finally came across the Cathedral and went inside

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

Princess Grace grave the flowers smelt beautiful

the Altar

Hotel De Paris - Monte Carlo, Monaco

I was sitting on the bench across from the Cathedral just people watching one of the things I love to do when traveling.  A man sat on the bench next to me and then I realized he was staring at me he was facing my direction when I looked he said Picture. I thought that he was having his photo taken as I noticed a woman with a camera and I started to get up and he said picture again then he pointed and said you.  I asked hi you want a photo with me and he said yes so I let his wife take the photo. I asked where he was from and he said South Korea and then I had him take a photo of my in front of the cathedral why waste the opportunity.

I decided it was time to go in search of Monte Carlo so I could see the Christmas decorations I was pretty tired after all my  walking I decided to take a bus so I headed back down and past The Oceanographic Museum it was quite an impressive building, I spotted a Yellow submarine and took a photo of course.  I caught the bus and soon arrived in Monte Carlo and was quite taken by the snow which seemed strange on a day that was 75 degrees.

tree full of cards

Of course I had to gamble at a casino after-all I was in Monte Carlo, I went in and bought 5 euro to play and when I got down to 2 euro I won several times and I was back to my 5 euro and cashed it in because I am no gambler.  I then walked over to the Monte Carlo Casino and it was quite impressive and people arriving were pretty dressed up I was not sure if I was dressed enough to get inside but I was so I went in only to say I had been in the famous casino.  There was an amazing Christmas tree covered with cards and I asked if I could take a photo  I was told  ONE and when I took that he looked and I just gave the number one sign back and left

Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo Casino

snow in Monte Carlo
despite the "snow" I took my jacket off
ever changing lights of Monte Carlo Christmas