Saturday, May 18, 2013

Enjoying London Morris dancers and singer in the water

I was up early and decided to head out to Westminster Bridge and walked across taking my token photo of Big Ben have a few million of that because it was dark and gloomy only took a couple I then followed my directions in search of Lambert Palace and walked along the Thames, I found the Palace but it is only open for special tours so snapped some photos there was a garden museum in an old church near by.  By then the sun was trying to come out and I could see patches of blue skies here and there.
Lambert Palace

I then hopped the tube to St Paul's Cathedral as I heard about a new shopping center across from it no I did not go to shop people who know me know I have very little interest in shopping or spending time in stores PERIOD.  They had a kids are thing going on I caught and elevator up to the top and went out to enjoy the views of St  Paul's and the city the only bad part was they had a kids art thing there so you could not go into the one area with out a child I was ready to borrow one.

Afterwards walked down to the Millennium Bridge and snapped some photos it was packed it was a sea of people I decided against walking across it just wasn't in the mood for all the people. I found myself back over by Trafalgar Square I was going to check out tea and scones at St Martins but I went inside and down and all they had was prepackaged  scone and pieces of cake all looking disgusting and dry.  I went outside  and was debating on an ice cream for lunch I love my Wippy London ice-cream when I saw these men in costume and some had bells on their shoes so decided to follow them.
Morris Dancers

I went and stood and watched as others arrived and realized they were Morris Dancers as I had them some in Ireland in 1998. I stood and watched each group do their dancers and it was fun to watch the competition and to see how the men looked at others to see just how well they were doing. I then had an ice cream the skies were really clearing so I decided to go back to St James Park to see it in some sun and all those beautiful flowers. A man in a kilt and bag pipes came by and the next thing you know he decided to play his bagpipes.

I had not eaten since breakfast well the ice cream and was getting hungry so I headed to my fave place Capital Kebab House at the Cut took the underground and then walked down to it. They did not disappoint with my usual lamb shish YUMMY. I tell people I think the reason I keep going back if for this meal.
Cricket enjoying our meal

I then headed over to Gabriel's Wharf and I was sitting on a bench watching the world go by when I could hear someone singing Yellow Submarine it was faint so I got up to look to see where it was coming from and I looked over the barrier by the Thames and saw a man sitting on a couch made of sand singing and playing a ukelele. He finished that and continued playing more songs about water as the tide came in and started to crumble the couch, he got off walked a bit and got back on he has his shoes and socks of his pants rolled up he finally got off when there was hardly anything left, of the couch. He was quite entertaining.
On the sand couch

Yellow Submarine

 I was headed to the Waterloo underground but it was closed I decided to just hop a double decker bus go up top and ride to the end the first one coming was going to Tooting so up I went.  As it turned out to be a lot further ride than I imagined and I wanted to get off but got worried as it was getting closer to dark.  I stayed on until the bus stopped and then walked across the street to catch the one going back I saw that one was going to go to Victoria station so decided it was perfect and I could pickup my train ticket for the ride to the airport on Monday.  I got to Victoria and took out my CC for the ticket and to my shock found my main credit card and bank card were gone I had lost them. I nearly passed out. I headed back to my hotel and to a internet place that I knew had phones and made  a quick call to my CC company to cancel my cardThere was something wrong with the seat I went to sit on and it started moving and I almost landed on the floor.  I stumbled back to my hotel in complete shock  a couple passing me asked if I was ok must have looked bad I said yes and sort of said what happened and they asked if I could get to my hotel and I said it was just down the street. I barely slept all night, just sick.
view from the roof St Pauls

ride to the top

St Paul from One New Change