Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh ferry across the adriatic sea


I got up bright and early so I could catch the  9.15 ferry to  to Muggia there were not too many people on the early morning ferry. There was a kid with his dad who knew who ever ran the boat so he was having fun "helping out". The sun came out and it was a nice crossing it was nice there but nothing to write home about it not worth it if not for the ferry ride and that was worth it cos of the sea, and knowing I was on the Adriatic sea.

Duomo dei SS. Giovanno


I walked around and caught the 10.45 back to Trieste,
I noticed the 2 people who were on the bus with me yesterday looking for the castle so we said hello.Then if was off to my room got my map looked up the The Opicina Tramway which was  close by  where I was staying bad news no longer running. I hopped  a bus back to where the sea  what a glorious day sun that  here it comes think I got burn.

I had my feet in water almost fell when I slid on something but managed to keep my balance. I saw some weird stuff  lying there guessing its jellyfish walked  a lot and in water again waves all over me no worry camera and bag nowhere near water.

Jelly fish

Cricket by the sea

I had a salami sandwich and was going to use the toilet what a shock a stand and put feet one heard about them but. I was so shocked ran out and I should have taken a photo. No worries I found a photo of a  similar one except the one where I was not close to the wall.

I am off to Ljubjlana Slovenia on the bus tomorrow can’t wait new country and the whole reason for this trip was to go there. Looking forward to Lake Bled