Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Off to Lacock on the bus

this beautiful cat was just sitting on a wall

I decided to go to Lacock since Pride and Prejudice was filmed there. I took a bus to Chippenham and then to Lacock it was soooooo gooooood I couldn't get over how pretty it was.  There was a woman who was on the bus and volunteering at the abbey,  decided to walk around the village with me for about 30 mins she had a cane and it was sweet she wanted to show me things, she was so proud of her village  If it had been a blue sky day I would have gone happily to Kahli as it was cloudy it was still beautiful. I saw the most gorgeous cat she was a beauty and also a gorgeous doggy a Irish wolfe hound.  I walked around and had tea in a really quaint place, it was loverly.

that's pronounced Lay comment

After I took the bus back to Chippenham and then fish and chips my fave cod fish. It was a superb day glad i went even it it wasn't sunny. I ran into Gary from the bus trip yesterday I heard him talking and said he sounds familiar..he was surprised to see me and impressed I got there all on my own without a tour. He wanted me to tell him how I did it because he could tell other tour groups how to explore on their own.

I also ran into another woman from yesterdays tour she said oh you have a coat today she went to Stonehenge and said it was pouring I and so over-rated. It did rain this am but cleared up most of the day off to my cousins tomorrow in Shrewsbury cant wait another gorgeous town with black and whites

too damp to sit outside