Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Sunday Love Actually

three booths 

Second day in London I was up early determined to make the best of my time in London as only had 3 days and even though I was just there it was never enough time. I headed off in search of St. Luke's Mews in Notting Hill because a fave scene of Love Actually was filmed there and it was a new area for me to explore that's my London goals see my fave places and discover new there is just so much to see.  

 St. Luke's Mews

After that I hopped on a bus that said Camden town got up on top and just sat and watched as I went by new areas of London, was surprised to pass Abbey Rd from a point I had never seen. Nothing beats front row upper deck on the bus. Is there a better way to see London.

I arrived at Camden Town which I really had only discovered on my trip in 2007 when I saw PAUL McCartney at Round House there. The stalls in the market were very busy and so many things to see like the Stable Market ya just never know what you will see in London. (or as my mom used to say "you never know what you will see when you don't have a gun.")  

I then decided to have something to eat so found a Spanish Rice dish and sat by the canal with cricket. We had a lovely meal and we just sat and people watched it was a warm sunny day so I was really enjoying it.

Little Cricket enjoys a Spanish seafood 

After that I headed over to Regents Park my 2nd fave park in London to enjoy the flowers as evening was coming to an end. The roses were only beginning to bloom.