Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Cotswolds unreal beauty

Just did the tour it was so unreal it was beautiful we stopped in a number of little hamlets and villages. Castle Combe was the first one it was so pretty. We also stopped in Birby another gem I can not wait to see the photos i have taken alot on this trip is all i can say. I will be uploading when i get back but it will take ages

Tonight I took a 3 mile jaunt around the back streets here in Bath all blue skies and sunshine it been a miracle weather wise; it has hardly rained.

The big treat last night was the thermo spa I had decided to treat myself to it it was so good feel the water was very warm and it would bubble it would go in spots and it was relaxing most of the time I had a little blue foam thing to hold on to and I would just float mainly on my back this was outside on top of the roof. I had been so exhausted before i went in there that I almost didn't go and just go back to my room...so glad i didn't i had no idea it would feel so good i was energized and walked around last night for a few more hours.

I had my first cornish pasty *lamb of course cannot believe I never tried one before yummy