Thursday, May 21, 2009

Climbing to the Gargoyles of Notre Dame


I arrived Notre Dame at 10 am and there were already over 100 people in front of me. It was over an hour wait before I got in the door. You had one climb and that was to the gift store after that it was quite another climb. It was getting hard on me all the steps, small, going circular and really starting to get to me, and I left some people pass me. Again higher up and I was going to let some more pass me as it was hard to go fast but the woman behind me said take your time, I think she expected me to collapse when I did make it to the top she congratulated me. There were 400 steps in all and that was the 2nd highest level at that point I didn't realize there was another climb.

I went absolutely nuts taking photos! I stayed in the area longer than I should have but it was just amazing and I could not stop looking and taking photos of the Gargoyles.  See the small sampling of photos I took.

on a bridge
I took a 4 hour free walking tour of Paris it was really good and it is free you just tip the guide what you think it was worth. The guide was excellent learned a lot of things about Paris and covered a lot of ground gave me a chance to see things I would have otherwise missed. Walked along the Seine and head stories about the various bridges. After that I walked along the Seine for quite awhile and after that I walked around the Latin Quarter