Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oscar, toilets and London protests music fish

Cricket my traveling companion

I arrived at 7 am after a good flight managed to sleep some on the plane about half the trip. Yes I was back in London only 4 months later. 

I got to the hotel around 9 am and checked in and left my luggage and headed off to Green Park to take the 11 am Oscar Wilde walk, while I was waiting for the start asked someone about toilet in London and found out most underground stations have one... so I put one to use.

The walk was interesting if you enjoy Oscar as I do the man giving the walk was brilliant he was constantly quoting Oscar and acting out various discussions it was fun and he was quite good. He has been doing the walk for 16 years and has only missed less than 10. He has been a devotie of OSCAR for 50 years hes quite the collector and seemed to know all there was to know, I can relate being a huge Beatles fan.

I wandered around bought some interesting cat postcards. Then headed back to the hotel to get my room, 3rd floor of course.. no elevators. the exciting part is it has a real toilet not like that place from before. I put it to use then made a cup of tea and feeling a tad revived and seeing the sun has returned i headed out to St James Park which is my fave park in the world(and my pelicans) I had a good time. Unfortunately Cricket my pet 'kitty' (thanks Marge) decided to mis-behave and was all over the gardens and flowers. Went to Trafalgar Square next. Where Cricket tried to jump in the fountain *see above.

After that went in search of fish and chips running across various street performers, get out of Gaza Protestors and Zimbabwe Protesters who sang and danced their protest. Oh I love London!!

Going in now even tho its only 7.30 so beat looks sunny now but tomorrow....