Saturday, January 3, 2009

Walking Chiswick and seeing Oliver

Hugh Grant School

We decided to take the walking tour we choose a walk in Chiswick a part of London on the Thames with some beautiful old houses including Barbara Villiers home. The guide also showed us where Hugh Grant went to school

We also went into Parish Church St Nicholas of Myra to see the statue of St Nicholas we had to ask where it was and the man who answered our question was filling us in all sorts of information on the church he was so happy we were interested in it that he decided to give us the little guide books that were for sales as a gift.

After the walk we split up as I scored tickets to Sold Out Oliver by calling the box office I had never seen Oliver and loved he idea of seeing Rowan Atkinson in the role of Fagan. I stopped to have some nice greasy chips before I went the best chips of the trip.

Oliver was very good and my seat was a dream it was first row balcony almost dead center and you had to lean on this railing thing and I just rested my arms and head on it most of the time and felt I was watching everything from above hard to explain the nice special feeling. After that I met Laurie and we found a place to eat and I had fish and chips for one last time in London (this trip) then I headed back to pack up that was a chore

Got up had a good final brekki and then headed to the Tube to catch the train to Heathrow it was all a wonderful trip and I knew that I would be back again.