Friday, January 2, 2009

Explorer Day to the Cotswolds

Meeting Paddington at Paddington Station

Off to a Explorer Day walk today took the train out to Cotswolds and Oxford. We caught the train at Paddington to Oxford and then we were met with a coach and headed off for the Cotswolds. Our first stop was Minster Lowell, which was a pretty village. Thatched roofs; its little river, the church it was such a pretty place. path along the river and through the fields. Then we headed back to the bus on to our next stop Burford another pretty village. Had a quick yummy cheese sandwich and a look around the town.  Then it was off to Oxford for a quick look around we went into one of the colleges and walked around a bit before catching the train back to London a good day had by all. There was a ruined a Abbey which is reached through the churchyard. There was a ruined abbey which is reached  from there is a lovely walk