Thursday, January 1, 2009

Being obvious crowns and all

Despite our late bedtime we really didn't sleep in as we wanted to get breki and ready to head out early enough to get a spot for the Parade we looked at the route and decided that somewhere near Green Park would be good as we figured way too crowded at the beginning. I had to run back to put on another jacket as it was COLD. I got there after Laurie and we lost each other for awhile. Since we had time we decided to have coffee in Starbucks and use the loo.

We got a good spot near there we decided to wear our Happy New Years crowns The parade was good. The surprising think there were more High School bands from the US than anywhere else. There were bands from Florida, North Carolina to name a few and in between were the UCA we kept thinking didn't we see them before later discovered they were Universal Cheer Leading Assoc. The Red Hat ladies were there and also some Pearlies I was excited to see them. I took loads of photos. Our little crowns got attention. Several people marching gave me a thumbs up and someone gave me a little silver beaded necklace. One woman who was marching along got out of the group came over and asked if she could take my picture. All in all it was fun despite the frigid temperature.

After we went to look for some place to eat and in the end wound up having Chinese lunch buffet that was good. We still had our crowns on and when I went to get some food one time Laurie said the woman in the couple next to us said we were so obvious. She was obvious snob we weren't doing anything to attract attention. On the tube a woman asked if I would be in a picture with her guess she liked my crown.

We were getting tired and were going to head in early but then I remembered we wanted to ride the buses at night for the lights and a good place to start was Hyde Park Corner. We had planned earlier to do Winter Wonderland since Laurie hadn't seen it but we were cold but when we got there Laurie decided to do a quick look around.  We ended that with a mug of Mulled wine we couldn't resist buying the  Winter wonderland mugs as  a souvenir for only 2 pounds more. Then we headed back for a semi early night after enjoying the Oxford Street lights from front row top of the double decker bus #10.