Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finally a New Years not being bored at home

New Years Eve, we walked around Soho Square as we like the park there *wink and then we headed over to see Stella McCartney's shop it wasn't open. Laurie decided she wanted a relaxing afternoon because of the pub walk tonight and fireworks. I explored some more of the area went past Apple at 3 Saville Rd for old times sake. Memories of hanging out to see the Beatles, back in the early 70's, ah those were the days

3 Saville Rd


I decided to hop a bus and head towards the Tower of London on the way realized I was passing St Paul's Cathedral so I decided to get off and snap a few shots and then remembered the Salvation Army had place near by so went in for pot of tea turns out they were closing early and I just made it so had my tea and headed out walked a bit on the Millennium Bridge but not very far as it was very cold and I had crossed it before. After that walked a bit and then hopped on the tube over to Tower of London. Wanted see the Tower Bridge as I adore it and then watched the skaters. I saw an ice-cream truck and despite the cold decided to get an ice cream whippy cone the first of the entire trip. What can I say love my whippy. 

Tree in front of St Paul

St Pauls Cathedral

I was walking along looking in shop windows when I suddenly fell on my knee OUCH some guy walking by with his woman came and helped me up I hated the help but knew I had to. I was very thankful they helped me.  I rested awhile and decided to have some fish and chips and then took the tube back to Oxford Street to look in some shops as was trying to find a really KEWAL coat. Then I hopped a double decker bus and enjoyed the view from the top of the Christmas lights on the way back to the Hovel.

lights as seen from the bus

I rested a bit (30 mins) and then got ready to go on the New Years Eve Pub walk it was lots of fun we went to 3 pubs we didn't have a drink at the first one but at the 2nd one we had a glass wine and already it was getting warmer out. The guide was really fun he was full of life and the more he drank the better he was or was it the more we drank. He had lots of interesting stories to tell. The last pub he started singing "Oule lang syne" and we all joined in. Then we decided to try some mulled wine and it was really good.

After awhile headed for Westminster to see  the fireworks but by the time we got on the tube they were announcing that area was now closed as it was full and it wasn't even 10 pm yet. We decided to try Waterloo Bridge it was crowded but not too bad, we found a perfect place to stand where we could see the EYE quite well with Big Ben in the background, what a view. It was getting crazier there was a girl near us who was quite drunk and she was getting pretty obnoxious. Finally Big Ben started chiming midnight as the fireworks began it was quite a show and we had a great view.

We started heading back to the Hovel, the bridge was covered with bottles there were some young guys wishing people Happy New Years and we were talking to them when out of the

blue someone crashed into Laurie and knocked her to the ground, it happened so quick we never even seen the person luckily she wasn't hurt. We were unable to take the Underground as they had them blocked off and high security I guess they were worried about all the people rushing for the trains and someone getting hurt. Luckily I remembered the way back from when I walk Christmas Day. We got in around 1.30 and had a drink before we headed off to sleep.

Tower Bridge

Ice Skating Rink the Tower

Stella's store

New years Eve as Big Ben Strikes Midnight