Friday, December 26, 2008

Visiting James

Traditional pose on the Bridge St James Park

Laurie finally arrived early on Friday morning, she was exhausted but when she saw the blue skies and sunshine she decided she had to go out a bit. We first went to Trafalgar Square  as she was dying to see the Christmas tree. Seeing as how I hadn’t been there in about 12 hours I went along. It was still awesome to see.

After that we headed off to St James Park my fave Park in the whole world and one of Laurie’s too. We headed off but not before I shot this photo.

It was a beautiful day for the park there were ducks one of the things I love best about the St James Park is seeing the different ducks and the Pelicans I can never get enough of them this one was in of obviously this one was in a Christmas mood too.

They seemed tame enough to pet for the most part though one person got a scare as the one squawked when he touched it. I was careful not to pet that one but no way was I going to miss my chance to pet one.

Big Ben from Trafalgar Square

Even the Pelicans wear Christmas hats

Notice we are wearing the same hat
 After that Laurie headed back to the Hovel and I continued on to the Palace ran *literally *across the Guards marching away in their winter finest. I then decided to walk over to Buckingham Palace I was excited to see they had a Christmas tree and had another tree to add to my collection.

Palace Christmas Tree

After visiting the palace I started heading towards Westminster through the other end of the park my Pelicans from earlier had moved. Then I crossed Westminster Bridge and along passing the Eye and came across the area I had discovered I on my last visit where there were people posing as statues I liked taking photos of them and also happily made a donation to their little buckets it was fun just to watch others and then get in a pose or two myself.

Ran into Elvis
what the heck
I crossed the Waterloo Bridge
I saw the sign for Somerset House and I wanted see the ice-skating rink there I was really surprised when I saw the tree covered with Ice-skates that was totally awesome to look at. After that I had Fish and Chips a pub and walked by Covent Garden and a man was playing guitar and singing he had a great voice I sat and listened to him for 45 mins and gladly dropped some money into his case then headed back to the Hovel.

ice skates Christmas tree

gazed at St Paul, *my fave church