Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oooo La La PARIS

We got up at 5 am to catch the train to Paris we had to be at the station by 7 am we were 10 min walk away we got there only to discover the schedule was changed to leaving 45 minutes later despite the tickets we printed the night before giving the original time makes sense doesn't it, I was quite annoyed I don't do waiting good so walked back to the Hovel for some tea and scrambled eggs and came back just in time to go through security and get on board.

The ride was rather boring as really nothing to see out the window but suddenly we were in Paris we headed for the Perfect Hotel and Hostel after the Hovel we were staying in London we were worried but not to be it was indeed a perfect Hostel it had a lift and everything it. We through our stuff the room after our fight we the key I am not a key person and I guess at least for this place neither was Laurie we had to call for help to get in and he was mighty cute! We headed for Sacre Coeur as it was right by our hostel. it was really wonderful to see it up there on the hill and it was blue skies and sunshine. Before we headed up I saw a Carousel that was offering free rides so we decided to take advantage of that, so took a ride. Then we climbed up to Sacre Coeur it was really beautiful to see we went into the church and looked around a bit snapping pics.  Then we headed to the Eiffel tower, taking snaps from all the different angles it was quite cold out about 30 F as a cold spell was going on but that did not stop me, from taking my coat off and posing and someone near us made a shivering motion, believe me I was freezing. The lines were too long to try and go up to the top and we decided to try later. We continued along just taking in the scenery.



we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then headed back to the Eiffel Tower the night views were even more amazing if possible the lines were still way to long and we decided to fore go a trip to the top. We then headed for The Champs-Elysées lined with lights totally an amazing site to see I had my mouth wide open most of the time trying to capture it on film was just about impossible they also had booths selling various gifts and also home made chocolate crepes Laurie offered me a bite of hers and it was so yummy and so warm I had to get one we walked along The Champs-Elysées looking in shop windows we crossed to the other side my mouth still wide open then quite content at the days end we headed back to the Hostel.

making crepes

Eiffel Tower at night

peeing chocolate

Hugh lives it up