Saturday, December 27, 2008

Little Green Street and Christmas lights

I had read about 500 places to see before they vanish and headed we jumped on a bus out to find Little Green St Kentish Town the houses were built in the 1780's.
they are trying to save if from being demolished, it was a cute little street after that we headed off to Spitafields taking the bus to Liverpool St Station to see Spitafields Church built 1715 to 1729.

We ran across a man having a "Street sale" he had items on a blanket on the side walk and everything was one pound I found hat thermal gloves and a scarf so I was ready for New Years Eve and Day. London was getting very cold, I later heard the coldest start to winter in 30 years.

Emigrant Statue

We then headed out to Golders Green so Laurie could show me the B & B she stays at there and also walk through a bit of Hampstead Heath and then caught the bus back to St John's Wood and then we headed over to Abbey Rd Studios which was nicely decorated for Christmas and took the obligatory photos because it was my nephew birthday I gave him a call

Abbey Rd at Christmas

and a stop by a very famous house

 We then took the bus back to Oxford Street to see the lights and then Regent Street and Hamleys toy store and looked around there a bit it was quite enjoyable and finally Carnaby Street the Giant Snowmen