Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Day with Henry

I set off to Hampton Court I had been there several times years ago they were having a Christmas with Henry 8th event so I had to go, seeing as how I am a huge fan of Henry It was a nice train ride. I got there just as the festivities were beginning. They had several of the famous characters of Henry's time. It was the court come to life and I was enjoying every minute of it.

I walked around the various rooms and was  watching Anne Boleyn lead a dance
I wanted to participate but sadly had no partner, Henry showed up in disguise to dance with Anne. I was walking through the courtyard as Henry came by one time and stopped so I approached him did a courtesy and asked if he would pose in a photo with me. He told me I did a nice courtesy and thanked me for being proper and asking and then posed.

I also walked the grounds and took photos and ran across some different looking ducks the
water on the ponds had turned to ice from the cold and I watched as some of the ducks attempted to walk which was almost like ice-skating . I also watched the skaters having fun on the ice rink wishing I could join in but afraid I would break my leg I headed back to London and had dinner it was a nice day.