Thursday, December 25, 2008

My day with Charles

Christmas Tree Trafalgar Square
I forgot my alarm clock and no way to tell when to get up so when I came too at quarter to 8 threw on my clothes and ran down for Breakfast. Then decided to shower barely any water pressure and cold as could be. The shower room (shared) was small and you had to hang everything thing on one little hook whatever you were wearing and also a towel wasn't easy not getting things wet. I had planed on heading out at 10 as I was going to the Charles Dickens Christmas Day walk at 2 pm but realized I was too tired. So I went laid on the bed fully dressed and went to sleep until 11.30.

Then I got up to make my way to Trafalgar Square (no tubes or buses run on Christmas Day) it was just over 2 miles away but I decided to explore on the way. I came across Lincoln's Inn Fields a cute little park. There was a family walking their children. The little boy was so cute he was dressed in a top coat and hat that was very Oliver like. I wanted to take his photo but 
resisted. He was pulling an acorn off a little tree so  I told him he really should not be doing that.   I asked him how his Christmas was he said it was wonderful I got everything I wanted and my mum had chocolates. I said so what did you get he said "I forget".

I discovered there was a toilet in the park that I so needed (note very few public toilets in London I think there should be a walking tours called Toilets of London) to use but it was padlocked I guess you don't pee on Christmas day. There was also an interesting Fountain, maybe that's where you pee.

I arrived at Trafalgar Square early so went into St Martins in the Field always a fave of mine and then came out and paid for my walk. I was in the first group I think there were 4 groups in the end we set out earlier. The guide I had was fantastic I was glad I was early and got the best one, I did a total of 4 walks while I was in London they are great

Seven Dials
We saw places Dickens lived and the guide had so many stories, interesting to know that he was a great walker and his idea of a brisk walk before dinner was 5-6 miles, and see the door knocker that Scrooge saw in a Christmas Carol. London is full of so many interesting little alleyways and you never know what you will see and another great thing about taking the various walks is seeing things like this off the beaten track.

After the walk I decided to look some place for dinner as hadn't had a bite to eat since breakfast *love that about London too busy looking around to think of food. I finally settles on a little Italian Restaurant and had some cannolis. My sister in law Sue called me after that to wish me a Merry Christmas and I talked to my niece and nephew and while I was talking to Kelsey I said oh an angel looking down a street as I was talking. I am sure Kelsey was thinking sure Aunt Pat sure but I did and there were two of them up in the sky. I took this photo as proof. As I headed back to the hovel which was over 2 miles away lucky some of my mind was still working and I was able to find my way back it was a nice walk. Note the little cone shape thing near the top they used this to extinguish the flame that lite the night.

Lovely door knob

extinguish the flame