Wednesday, December 24, 2008

London Christmas 2008 Dream Come True

Finally I decided to do one of my dream trips and that was London for Christmas. I have made numerous trips to London over the years. Dec 23rd the trip, the weather was rainy icy first our plane had to go over to see if it needed to be de-iced I felt like this little toy way traveling over watched the de-icer work and we were told nope we dint need de-icing. We drove back to the run way we were told we were #2 for take off after sitting a bit we were told now it was icy rain it was mandatory to be de-iced. We "drove" back and then they told us it was it was rainy/icy too heavy so we would not be able to take off unless it warmed up a bit The de-icing was done and then we were told light icy rain so we could take off. PHEW finally after 90 min delay. Arrived London on 1 hour late always wonder do they cut out part of the skies.

After checking into the Hovel as we soon named it (pathetic b and b) I set off in search of father Christmas at Selfridges just missed him there and a woman working there told me that the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland was near Notting Hill Gate. I took the tube there started walking saw the Ferris Wheel in the distance ran into a woman and she told me it was about 20 mins away after walking for about 25 mins and it was getting no closer I asked someone else and they said about 20 more mins, by then the police were clearing the Park as it was almost dark and I am wondering why they were doing that with the Winter Festival going on? After about an hour I finally reached the Festival and it was near Hyde Park tube stop, I realized if I had been more with it I would have realized the other place was wrong (but with working all day the day before and flying all night with little sleep) I like to call that going to London on my lunch hour.

I started searching for Father Christmas and his Grotto, I finally found it but guess what he was gone. Despite the web page saying he'd be there till 6 pm he was only there until 4.30 as the man pointed out to me see the sign 4.30 on Christmas Eve well if your not in the Park how would you know. One woman had called that very day and was told 6 pm and felt bad for the children who thought they were seeing Santa on Christmas Eve. I looked around decided to make the best of it; I later found out Santa was there till 5 and at that time I was wandering the grounds looking for him. So I posed with his stand in.

I looked around the Wonderland and it was full of people enjoying Christmas Eve and it was nice to be around people having a good time. I had a German sausage with garlic on a roll YUMMY.

After a bit headed for Trafalger Square as I was dying to see the Christmas tree it was wonderful. I found a good spot and leant on a fountain and listened to Christmas is All Around (from Love Actually the movie that made me want to have Christmas in London more than ever) on my MP3 player singing along. Then Wonderful Christmas Time (go PAUL) twice and I even danced around a bit. It was wonderful and I felt so good.

I then took the tube back to the Hovel but not before listening to some Buskers one of them made my day as he was singing Fairytale of New York I had just discovered and fell  in love with this song a few months ago.

Trafalgar Square Tree

Santa Grotto Hyde Park
Hyde Park Entrance
Not the Wheel yes sir
even the house of Hanover had the wheel

My little Koala Hugh

Oxford Street Lights