Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tea please getting to Know Paris

Lovely Metro Entrance

Tea? The breki at the hotel was really good cereals croissants cheese,breads and a machine for coffee. Ah yes but its in French. Problem I saw tea bags and wanted tea but try and figure out which wording on the machine was water. I picked the one that had nothing written on it as I have seen that in places before. NOPE it was coffee it was very thick and with milk of course the problem being I had already put the tea bag in it. YUK so I ditched it and had some cocoa, well when I over later saw the woman who puts out food and picked up a bag and said tea and  she said tea reached in a cupboard took a bag out and walked away. I thought she was gone to get water for the tea but she never came back. The next morn I tried again but this time didn't have a tea bag in and again got some strange coffee and so I added cocoa to it. The last day the coffee machine was broken and the desk manager said he would be making a pot of coffee. Some woman asked for tea and he came back with a pot of water and poured it on my tea bag but the water was lukewarm so guess ya just don't get tea in France. Thanks goodness the cocoa was awesome.

Friday I set off in search of a garden I had read about but ended up in the middle of no where I asked some woman I met walking and she didn't know so she asked someone walking her dog and she went on in French and the lady was translating.
I have to say here that everyone I tried to get information from was helpful, my French was non existent and I would walk up to people and say English and many would reply with De Little using their fingers to indicate little. One man when I was trying to get the train to Versailles even tho he knew so English he made enough motion and spun around the station that I understood that he meant to cross over to the other side, that I was just in the wrong area. I used Merci (madame/monsieur) whenever I could even if someone understood English I thanked them in their language and that always seemed to bring a smile.

I gave up as it still was another 3 miles away. I hopped the Metro and decided to get some culture and visit the Rodin Museum. It was really interesting full of sculptures. It was a beautiful place to be on a sunny day (one of many I might add) in Paris. I then went to The Jardin du Luxembourg and spent some time sitting on a chair and taking in the atmosphere. I found myself again walking along the Seine and then found a Seine River cruise boat and I looked to see that there was one leaving at 8 pm and it was 3 mins too so I ran and grabbed a ticket and hopped on it was a wonderful trip got to see so many of the bridges up close and passed the Louvre and Eiffel Tower and so many things the guide was really good it was a wonderful way to see Paris. Cricket on the River Seine cruise she insisted on me taking her photo on the boat and this woman was going oh little kitty de kitty do you want your photo with her. The woman thought de kitty was sweet and she said when you took her picture so did I.

I then walked back to near the Louvre and it was getting late and I took some photos of the Eiffel Tower in the distance as it was starting to light up and walked back towards Notre Dame that's where the "fun" began as I suddenly saw it from the opposite side of where it belonged and I was trying to figure out how it moved when I remembered it was on an island and that I was approaching if from a different side. I stood and watched and watched performers and singers by Notre Dame bridge across the Seine and it was so good and so many people out dancing  I can see why young people love Paris so...I love it too.
I hated to go in but it was getting late and I was about ready to drop from exhaustion.