Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seine cruise and Père Lachaise Cemetery

A bit of rain hit today when I was walking along but luckily it stopped after a about 20 minutes I stood under some trees saw a woman who had been dressed up to make money posing with her little daughter waiting for the rain to end and go back to posing to make some money. I took a photo of Cricket with her and put some money in her cup.

Today was off to the cemetery where Oscar Wilde was buried I was surprised to see so many kisses on the grave actual lipstick or hearts drawn a woman was having her photo taken as she kissed it too bad tho as the grave is messed by this, all the lipstick. I met a woman from London and wound up walking all over with her she found many graves. It was a great cemetery and I could not cover much of it but I did see a fair amount. I also saw Chopin grave there were quite a lot of flowers there and women were posing by the grave and Jim Morrison his grave was blocked off. 

I did so much in Paris I walked so much and I will need to look at my photos when I get home to see what I did. I also enjoyed my chocolate crepes. They best ones are in Montmartre, I know I will come back to Paris some day.

Chopin grave

Oscar Wilde Grave
Jim Morrison grave