Sunday, May 27, 2012

See Ya Next Time London

Swan St James

Well my last day in London was a good one.  I made it back to St James Park my 4th visit this trip (yea I know but I love it.) I came out at Green Park the BUPA marathon was just ending so it was really packed. I walked by the Palace and the stage for the concert for the Jubliee was closer to being done. I felt bad for anyone who was on their first visit to London as the statues around the Palace, were becoming buried. I sat in the park for awhile. I finally saw the Pelicans up close, phew was beginning to think I had missed them.

I then decided to walk  to Charring Cross Station which turned out to be quite a hike a bit more than I was thinking. I did stop by Whitehall and saw a guard changing and took some photos.  Then I hopped the tube to get back to National Theater to pickup my ticket for Misterman. I panicked as I came out a different exit at Waterloo and wound up in a different area was afraid I would get to the theater on time to get my ticket. It was hot and humid and I was so glad I bought a top to change into. Then cooled a bit by the Thames and had an ice cream.

I really enjoyed the play again and I was really close to Cillian Murphy this time 6th row so I really could see his eyes nice and clear, so beautiful it was still enjoyable the 2nd time and I could catch some of the things I did not see the first time. He was just brilliant!

After that I headed back over to my new fave restaurant to have my final lamb meal and it was even better than the first visit. It was then time to head back to my hotel to catch the tube out to Heathrow and my hotel. I had done my research and was able to take the free local bus to the hotel but almost missed my stop. I checked in and relaxed for the evening and repack for my trip home.

I knew I would miss London but I knew I'd be back I was already thinking Sept as my air-miles would be enough by then if the right combination flight came up.

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