Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Moon Walk London Breast Cancer Marathon

Moon walk girls
 Last night I ran into some girls who were doing the London Moon Walk which is the breast cancer marathon they actually walks 26 miles through the night I took pics and they wanted me in a picture and they were so excited that I was from New York and taking their photos and then we exchanged emails as they took one of the group with me. It was fun.

This morning I headed over to Hyde Park where the Moon Walk was ending and ran into those still crossing the finish line or those who were heading home I applauded every time I saw a group and said well done. One woman had sat down at the end of the walk then she laid down and started shaking I got someone to call the paramedics I stayed around to see if she was ok she was she wasn’t a young one either. I got some girls in their decorated bras to pose.
Wild bras

 I walked through Belgravia and saw the apartment on Chapel St where Brian Epstein died I had a feeling I was there a very long time ago, felt familiar standing there. Also ran across the Bag of Nails where PAUL Mc and Linda met again a feeling of de javu from a long time ago.

I later went to church St Paul Convent Garden (church of the Actors) and took part of the Punch and Judy 350 year anniversary church service. The service was very festive a brass band came in playing When the Saints Come Marching in and Punch was up at the pulpit with the minister during the service.

 I bought a cod fish cake as I never had one it was pretty good and then I watched a May Pole Dance that was quite entertaining and this one little girl was so adorable I loved watching her. She was so serious trying to do all the proper steps and so tiny at times she was standing on her tip toes. I had my photo taken with some Pearlies.