Sunday, May 13, 2012

London Again

Yesterday I arrived to sunshine yee haw not much sleep the guy next to me would not shut up so it was annoying after dinner he went to sleep was out cold  I slept maybe 1 1/2 hours turned out he took a sleeping pill and he was a zombie when he came too. I had to help him with his paperwork he couldn't come to read properly. When he stood up he could barely walk I had to keep him from falling over. Please explain why you would take a pill that lasts for 8 hours 3 hours before you land.

My room at the Grapevine is small and I mean small had to move the little table around to get my suitcase in but have my own toilet and shower  breki is cereal but that's fine I had cereal cocktail which means mixing up a few kinds of cereals and roll and tea.

I rested about 30 mins and then headed of to St James Park I walked it was about a mile I was trying to think where I would come in to the park but dawned on me as I got closer just where that would be. I love St James park to say the least.  When I am at the dentist being tortured I picture the park to calm me down and also at other crisis times. I was looking for the Pelicans but did not see them which is unusual I had my token photo taken on the bridge I have quite a series now.

I ran across some men feeding the squirrels and had to take photos of course It was a good day and I stopped at my local kabab place and had garlic sauce with fries I turned in at 8.30 and slept till almost 7.30 which is pretty late for me.
St James Park

never tire of St James park