Friday, May 18, 2012

Florence you take my breathe away

When I arrived in Florence I had to figure out where my hotel was it took a bit of looking at a map on a sign and asking someone but finally headed off in the right direction I checked into my hotel which turned out to be a bit nicer than I expected and larger room than I normally had. The bathroom itself was larger than some rooms I had stayed in.  I decided to wander around a bit and have a bite to eat.

This morning after a breakfast buffet with quite a lot of choices I headed out to explore Florence I was close to the main areas I wanted to see and coming up to 
Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (know as the Duomo) was totally awesome it stood there so beautiful all black and white. After looking around I went to the square to meet the free walking tour of Florence,  It was interesting, we covered a lot in 2 hours. At one point a Gypsy walked up to us to beg for money and at the moment her cell phone rang so she had to walk away to answer it, oh yes a poor Gypsy begging but has a cell phone, only a few others noticed this.

After the tour walked back to the Duomo and walked around the general area I could not believe all the statues  along the Uffizi and the adjacent Piazza della Signoria is bordered on the south edge by the Loggia di Lanzi which has several statues in it. Among them are Perseus standing over the slain Medusa and The Rape of the Sabine Women see.

Totally awesome and I wandered up and down the alleyways for hours. I could just not get enough.

Ya never know what you might see down some alleyway
The Fountain of Neptune
at Signoria Square