Monday, May 21, 2012

Pisa rain and Pisa pie

Into the heavens

I caught the train to Pisa on Sunday it was hard to leave Florence and partly because I knew it was raining in Pisa. I got to the train and a well dressed woman and her daughter (gypsies) grabbed my suitcase and put it on the train and then demanded money. I gave them one euro but they wanted more they kept putting their hands out showing 5 euros and even shoved a printed piece of paper in my face. I kept saying no and they finally jumped off the train.

Kewal View
I arrived in Pisa to rain and guys asking me to buy an umbrella I said no thank you and got mocked no thank you no thank you. I asked at a hotel where the street my B and B was and then went walking in the rain. It wasn't heavy but it was enough to get me wet. I was wondering because it was only supposed to be 100 meters from the train and I was way past that. I walked into another B and B and asked and found out it was the other way the hotel guy said right right but should have said right then left.

Well got to the B and B and no one there I stood in the rain partly under shelter I kept ringing a couple came out of the building let me the B and B is in a building with lots of other tenants. I got in went up and kept knocking to no avail I started panicking I found the # and phoned the B and B and I thought there was an answer but nothing I went out in the rain and luckily found the tourist board and lucky they were open he told me up to today we close at 4 on Sunday. He was kind enough to call the place for me and got an answer and he said he'd be there in 5 minutes I waited a bit and headed over.

The man arrived a bit after and kept apologizing he is not there all the time and though the web site said noon to 8 it is better to email a time, you would arrive I should have did it just did not realize a small place, was thinking more like the places I had been. The place was small you walked into a small kitchen/living room a cosy couch and 3 rooms for people to sleep in. Mine actually had 2 rooms and the 2nd one was behind another door so it was another room.
Leaning Tower in the Rain
I was so wet I changed and headed out. I walked in search of the LEAN (leaning tower of Pisa as I named it) I was determined to find it in case if fell down, during the night. I found it there were people despite the rain and lateness then I walked back to the hotel saying no no no to umbrellas. Just before I got to my B and B the last block or two it came down heavy. I found a store open and bought an umbrella with the thought maybe it would make it not rain in the morning.

I went back to my room and just read and drank sherry repacked for the morning, and the flight back to London.

This morn got up showered very nice shower it was one bathroom for 3 rooms but I never had to wait. I then got dressed and went to eat there was mostly some sweet package and cookies a couple from Holland were staying there and came out so we chatted while we ate good thing they were there as they were able to figure out the coffee maker. I never would have got that part never saw anything quite like that.

I then put my cases near the couch as told and headed out. It was raining so I started singing raining in the Pisa I am raining in the Pisa but by the time I got to the LEAN it stopped. The sun even started to come out, and it was like a whole new place blue skies and sunshine. I went to get a ticket to climb the tower but I stood in line and the tickets for the next time sold out just as it was my turn of course. Anything after was too late so I just said figures and pouted a bit and then said oh well probably have had a heart attack climbing up. As it was it started sprinkling again soon after.

I took more pics and then cricket posed too then stopped and had a slice of pizza and as I figured it was crap I had to find out for myself what I was told... anyway back to the room and then off for the train the fare was cheap so decide better than dealing with the bus. I got to the airport and said farewell.