Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gallery Day in Florence

 It was museum day yesterday I need some culture you see and I got it. I went to the ultigli or however it is spelt (The Uffizi Gallery) it was nice I saw a lot of Sandro Botticelli  work the best I think was the Birth of Venus also some Raphael  kind of started feeling a bit ill while I was there but carried on. Then I had a small panini for lunch as was feeling a bit peckish.

Michelangelo tomb


I then headed for the Santa Croce church this I really enjoyed more Michelangelo is buried there among others I saw Marconi who invented the radio for those not in the know. That got me a tad teary eyed as mom used to say when she went to the dance hall in Ireland the man who ran the dance would say Marconi himself is here tonight she loved to say that so made me smile and sad to thinking of her. Galileo is also buried there and Dante it was pretty awesome.

I bought the special ticket that allowed a visit to Michelangelo house Casa Buonarroti which was really Michelangelo the younger a tad disappointed in only a couple of the real Michelangelo drawings there but the other art was beautiful, from the collection of Michelangelo the Younger.

I wandered around got lost bit by The Ponte Vecchio, a really beautiful bridge that I has seen from the Uffizi Gallery. I then wandered up and down alleyways for awhile. For dinner I got some Chinese from a take our by the hotel and went to sit on the balcony which was nice. The first thing I saw as I opened the door was this cat peeking through the railings at me what a shot it would have been I grabbed my camera but guess he took that as an invite and crawled right in and on over. I had to pet him he seemed starved for affection and we had a nice chat got some really cute photos.

We were interrupted by yet another Aussie who chatted through my meal and bragged about all the places he had been on this trip and was going to go and what he was doing when he got home and trip braggart. I saw him again this morning at breki and he went to sit across from me (obvious he loves to talk) but his wife picked another place last I saw them when I was checking out they were sitting in the lobby trying to get the internet going and his wife sitting looking disgusted they were still there 45 mins later.

I had tried to get tickets to see David at Academy Gallery but they were long sold out went by so early in the AM and the line was long. So I made a visit to the Medici's Chapels and Church of San Lorenzo tombs by Michelangelo they were quite beautiful.

Michelangelo's Tomb of Lorenzo