Thursday, May 24, 2012

Parks, poets and sand

Cricket on the Beach

Time to change rooms again still at Montana Excel but had to change to a shared bathroom the room that had been booked for me was 2nd floor but the woman at the desk was kind enough to change me to the first floor so I would not have to haul my luggage up the stairs was kind of leary of the ground floor room so close to reception but it turned out to be ok

Kennington Park

The it was off to Kentish Town just because of the name sounded interesting, it would not be the first time I went to a stop just because of the name, I clearly remember visiting Tooting Broadway years ago just because the name fascinated me. The time to visit Kennington Park because it sounded like a cute park and it was the refreshment house dates back to 1897 I walked around that area for awhile and then hopped a bus again continuing my double decker view of London, front row of course.

Then to Lambert I was going to look for the Palace there but saw Archbishop's Park and stopped a bit and had an ice-cream saw a sign palace was still 1.5 miles away so decided not to bother. There was a railway tunnel that I walked through and found 24 mosaics of William Blake ((28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827) a London Poet and some of his poems were done in mosaics it was fascinating I took photos of some of them.

I was off to Waterloo to pick up my ticket for Misterman with one of my fave raves Cillian Murphy. I then walked along the Thames and got a very big surprise when I made it to Gabriel’s Wharf. I have been in that area a number of times but never saw the beach there. There was a man building things out of sand and I threw some change into his little container and then walked down and talked to him he laughed when I asked if the beach was new but in the end decided that I probably went by when the tide was in covering it.

Singing to me
I walked further on the steps to it and walked a bit on it met a couple with a cute dog Blue and I took his photo. When I went back up and threw some more change in her sang O solo Mia to me and tipped his hat.  I got some great shots of St Paul's Cathedral across the Thames.

I headed off in search of Southwark Cathedral but could not find it I started. I started to get hungry and was walking by Blackfriar so started to look for a place to eat. I finally found a place with lamb kebobs and went in and ordered it came with fries and salad. I so glad I got lost and did because the lamb was so tender what a yummy meal I hated to see it end. Already planning on going back for that meal again

I then headed off to Trafalgar Square as I wanted to visit the National Portrait Gallery I have tried the last few trips to London and never made it. They had a huge sign the count down to the Olympics.
St Paul across the Thames
Then off to the M and M Store to see the M and M's on M M Road and other things in the store I would have loved to have gotten a T shirt of the M's crossing Abbey Road but they only came in small.
Lions Trafalger Square
M and M Road