Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I found myself back in St Johns Wood saw the Macca man near the park walking I spotted him quite a distance away I would know that walk anywhere just a bopping anyway I turned away for a second and he disappeared. I was like what the...I figured out later where he went, inside the gate of the Lord Cricket grounds. It was a thrill seeing him in the distance, think my heart nearly stopped.

The off to Royal Albert hall tickets to see if I could get a decent seat to see Elvis Costello that night and I was successful the guy selling the tickets was a fan too and I had him suggest what he thought was the best seat of what was available so I got 10 row on the side pretty close to the stage. I don’t need to be real close cos it’s not PAUL I just like being close enough to see and enjoy.

Then I crossed over to Prince Albert Memorial and they had it pretty spruced up the last time I had seen it was covered as they were working on it. I walked around taking photos of the statues around it and just enjoying looking at it.

Albert Memorial

Kensington Gardens was there so walked through that a bit taking photos of the flowers and enjoying the sun. I stopped to take photos of the swans Long Water. Then I walked on and older gent on a bench called me over and said sit down awhile and visit. So I did just that I could see he liked the chance to talk to someone. Another woman came over and sat on the bench near me and started talking and the old gent looked quite annoyed I think he wanted me to himself.

Cottage Fulham Palace
I then hoped a tube to Putney Bridge so I could visit Fulham Palace and Bishop park. I had a bit of trouble finding the way when I arrived it was marked somewhat but not clearly. A young boy on a bike asked do you need help Miss so he told me away to go first he suggested a bus and then he said no wait of course not the bus will just go past it so he thought a moment and gave me directions. I walked under a tunnel to the park, I walked a bit and finally saw some building and I went in, people were inside using some of the rooms where tea was being served for some kind of meeting. I went in search of the gardens which sadly were not in bloom what a disappointment. I knew they were having a garden event that Sunday and how disappointed others would be. Seems England had a long cold winter and being end of May things were slowly blooming I have been there in mid April and have seen more flowers than this trip. They were doing work on the grounds and getting ready for the Jubliee festivities.
Prince Albert
Had a great seat for Costello and it was an awesome show to me it was my greatest hits as he did all the songs I really love. His brothers have a band Riverway and he had them come on stage and they performed American Without Tears which was the first song I like by him, so so awesome to hear live. He had Russel Crowe as a special guest he did a pretty decent version of Folsom Prison. Tennessee Thomas a female drummer also performed it was an excellent show and glad I finally got to see one of his Spinning Wheel concerts.It was loads fun. Then it was back home it is quite a hike from the tube closest to Albert Hall and it is underground you sure get a work out.