Saturday, May 26, 2012

Misterman and Borough market day

I decided to go by St John’s Wood again never know who or what I might see walked through the park and then continued to Primrose Hill I had been there before but thought it be fun to do the walk from St John’s. I made the climb to the top and sat and enjoyed the view for awhile you can see so much of London from there so it was quite a view.

Then I caught a bus to Baker Street station again just for the ride I got to the station but man was it ever packed. It took awhile to catch a tube. While on the tube realize I had yet to visit Tower Bridge so I headed in that direction next. The little park near it was jammed pack with people enjoying the continuing gorgeous weather. I just took a few token snaps of the bridge with my zoom and moved on it was way, way too crowded to be there.

lamb pie

After that it was off to London Bridge Station so I could go to Borough Market fun place to check out. Also gave me a chance to have a lamb Pie from the Piemister on my friend Laurie recommendation and she was right it was delish and then I picked up the huge ole brownie she told me about to have for a snack later on it was so huge I only ate part and finished the rest the next day.

Tomb in Southwark
Tomb of John Gower d 1408
I found a bench and ate my pie by Southwark Cathedral I went in and looked around for awhile there was a school group going through so I listened in to a bit of the tour the teacher was giving she was very good the children seemed enthralled especially at the Roman tile in the floor.

St Paul's Cathedral
I decided to head off to St Paul's Cathedral so hopped the tube but wound up getting off a distance away so I decided to walk the rest of the way. I just looked around outside as I had been inside before and then I studied the bus schedule to see what bus would take me back to Kings Cross. I was at a lost but some woman there asked me if I needed help and she found me the best bus to catch. It turned out to be a bit of a ride which was perfect since I was sitting front row yet again.
Memorial to parishioner William Shakespeare

Southwark Cathedral

I had tickets to see Cillian Murphy one of my very fave actors in Misterman that night so went in early to relax a bit before the show and clean up and change. I headed off to Waterloo station and the walk to the National Theater. I had an excellent sent 11th row dead center. It was perfect because so many time he stood in the exact spot eight in front of me on stage. The play was good and Cillian was beyond belief he played all the roles and it was amazing to watch him change from on character to the other in his back and for conversations not only did his voice change but so did his manners his whole expression I was only of the ones to give him a standing ovation. I already vowed to see if I could secure another good seat.