Monday, January 2, 2012

My Aching sore tired body

 Yes that was me when I got home. It was a long trip I was up by 6 am so paranoid I would oversleep I had a wake up call besides my alarm.  I wanted to be down to check out and be ready for breakfast. I was way too early and had to sit awhile.  I had a decent breakfast and then headed back to the desk and grab my suitcase and headed out.I gave myself more than enough time to get to the train. I sat and waited and waited and the train did not come, there was no way I had missed it so I just sat and waited I knew even missing one I should have enough time to check in, The train finally came when the next one had been scheduled.

I got the airport and there was quite a line checking in but it went reasonably quick after that I went through security and headed for the plane. We left on time which was good and we landed early by about 25 minutes. This gave me more than enough time to catch the plane to Detroit or so I thought. I walked quite awhile again having trouble finding the terminal to go to and having to ask. Then the passport control again and security it took even longer than arriving and that was something.

Then I saw the plane was 20 minutes late which was a damn good thing as it was a very long walk to the plane as it was at the very end. Waited there while people were boarding or so I thought but NO they were going through a door and taking a bus to the plane it was Airbus 340 and way out in God's country.

I was so tired I fell asleep before we left and woke up when the they came around with drinks and after that was dinner. I ordered lamb dish but it was the ground kind and I also had a bottle of white wine the dinner was pretty good. I dozed off some more. I watched The Help on the little screen and bits and pieces of other things dozing off at times.

We arrived almost an hour late but luckily still had over 2 hours to my flight. I got there very easy and we got on the plane early. Almost home or so I thought.  We sat and sat on the plane and then FINALLY the pilot said there was a problem with a piece of equipment which was a security feature and were still trying to track a part down. They knew this before we got on the plane. He finally announced found it but it was ways away and they had to bring it which would be about another 30 mins, Then he said the 9 pm flight was cancelled and they would put those people on our plane. We finally pulled back as the snow started whirling in.  Then came the announcement because of the temp just being at freezing we had to de-ice and that takes about 20 mins and there were planes ahead of us. Turns out  there were 2 so we waited.  It did take awhile and when we finally took off we should already have landed in Buffalo. They did announce the actual flight time is 41 minutes and in the end took 37 so we landed an hour and 15 mins late.

I was so beat and sore and my toe was really starting to bother me was so happy to get home have a hot bath and rest my weary body since I had to work in the morning I was in bed by 11.30.
Santa arrives