Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bioparc Fuengirola Zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I went to the Fuengirola Zoo And Biopark and have to say it was incredible I saw so many animals, that I had never seen. To quote "You won't find miserable animals pacing up and down shoe-box cages, clinging to solitary branches"

The train ride was an experience one guy was wearing a tux obvious he had been out all night partying as the last trains leave Malaga at 10.20 pm. He kept trying to doze off but someone kept calling his mobile and it has a loud telephone ring. He would look and then go back to dozing he must have gotten a dozen calls someone must have been "pranking" him. While I was waiting for the train there was a man on the other side and he realized the train direction he wanted was on my side and he ran to the edge of the track like he was going to jump on the track and attempt to cross over. YIKES finally someone convinced him that he had to go down the stairs and around and he was not HAPPY.

I was there by about 11 am it as open despite it being New Years it was open Christmas Day too. I had not seen took a few zillion photos watched the bird-mammel show and twice the bird flying wings touched my head. The animals were cute and would come do their part and leave so amazing they can be trained including some otters. They were so damn cute the photos blurred too bad as they looked cute one looked like he was laughing.

A highlight was the trip to Lemur Monkey Island I saw different lemurs had no idea there were 4 kinds and it all up close you went "over" and walked around they were I almost missed this and saw the area by chance. I should have looked better at my map. They were all cute and some started lounging around you had to be there. There was a white tiger was so close behind glass /bulletproof glass where he had a large area to roam but if someone upset him he would jump up like an attack. I enjoyed watching children experience this, being so close like they were touching them it caused much excitement.

Colobus Monkey

Blue Pigeon

One "room" had these blue colored birds and you know me and blue, I looked to see what they were and they were some sort of pigeon never saw a pigeon like that. Some people were taking photos of something up high I did too though wasn't sure what it was turned out to be bats.  I could go on and on just ask my camera it is probably about the best zoo I have been to and I have been to quite a few. I was there about 4 hours so I really took it all in. After that I walked down to the Med sea to walk along it and enjoy it for the last time. I found a place Picadilly Inn and ordered some fish and chips and just sat and relaxed. The server was from England (the owner too) and wasn't hard on the eyes and he said Thanks love when I paid him. After that walked a bit more and found and internet place. I was truly exhausted and decided it was time to head back to Torry for my final night. I had a 40 minute nap and got up and got most of my packing done. I then went and had dinner a nice Irish woman Alma I met before came and sat with me we had a great chat and enjoyed it so much I stayed up later than I planned. We exchanged addresses it was a good final night.


eye of the tiger
Yup I stand up

Do the Hippo Shake

Lickin good