Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve we partied

Last night party was a blast we had lobster, shrimp, steak all sorts of wines and I sat with a couple originally from Scotland and others a man from Gibraltar and a woman from Ireland. Further down the table another couple had a woman looked so much like Julian Lennon (John just what were you up to) and found out she was from near Manchester. The couple from Scotland were lovely and I chatted quite a bit with the woman her name was Ann. The woman across from us could not believe we did not know each other before, as we were yakking away as old friends.
Lobster Salad

This was sooooo good
We were served creamy pumpkin soup , there was a pansy in it (and yes I ate it) and then we got the lobster Salad which turned out to be half a lobster with King prawns and salad. Followed by a choice of Sirloin Steak with truffle sauce and mushrooms and then choice of side dishes grilled potatoes with thyme wild rice sauteed vegetables. There was plenty of bottles of wine, like the Christmas luncheon. We ate and chatted and then went up for the cakes which we beautiful to look at but personally I preferred the Christmas Luncheon cakes because there were more chocolates. What can I say I LOVE chocolate.

The desserts were good but Christmas was better I asked the one in charge a Manager if he works every day since I saw him every day I was there and he said yes oh he hugged me and wished me happy new year and my Scottish friend said I saw you chatting that man up.

Around 11.15 were all handed a bag of festive goodies hats and horns streamers and grapes you are suppose to eat one grapè as the clock hits midnight and chimes 12 times I tried but could not. All of us stood watching the countdown on telly and everyone was having a good time some Spanish woman at a table were using the horns to form a band. They were doing dances and kicking up their heals. We all were practicing for midnight and waiting and then finally we all counted down in Spanish.

It was fun and we were all hugging and kissing at my table two kisses one each cheek this was done between 6 of us who were sitting together and chatting. Some people at another table were quite wild and someone smashed a glass and did not attempt to clean up or report it so we did.

There was a band who played after and so many Spanish woman got up to dance. I got loads of videos and photos and lots of laughs. Then we all hugged when we said goodbye I started to head up at one am but then decided to watch people dance awhile. Some of them were pretty good mostly woman dancing in pairs or groups there was one that really looked rather like some creature but boy could she dance. I finally left at 1.45 despite wanting to stay more just made no sense to.