Saturday, December 31, 2011

Plunge in the sea

Today was more of a laze day did not want to overdo before the big party. I walked along the Beach again the other direction and also would sit in spots and just people watch had my mp3 player today so I was enjoying some music. I somehow got it in to my head that I should take a plunge in the sea. So I walked back to the hotel quite a hike plus climbing the Spanish Steps and up to my room by then I was exhausted so I took a quick 30 minute nap.

I talked myself into heading back to the sea, down the steps again not a plunge had my bathing suit on and went up to my waist the waves were coming in and the sand would go beneath you in your feet so almost fell in. I glad i did it even if it wasn't really warm it was a goodbye to the Old Year.

I did some shopping afterwards found me three new pretty tops all sparkley and it good walking it was just a day to enjoy the sun before the big New Year Eve tonight and our Gala Dinner