Sunday, December 25, 2011

Feliz Navidad

This display hung from many windows
I was up by 6 am like I would be at home going to work the only difference was midnight at home. I got more organized and then I was off to breki had some eggs and some fruit and and bacon did not want a lot cos of the Christmas gala lunch at 1 pm and wanted to be hungry. I was on a train by 9 am to Fuengirola and walked around town took some pics and just explored I went into a couple churches. They all had Nativity scenes some were quite elaborate.
I found the zoo and yes they were open every day even Christmas so I decided I would spend New Years Day there, be a good way to start the New Year. Then I headed down to the sea it was grey but still nice to see I walked for awhile I made the mistake of walking close to the water to get some pics of the waves they stayed out until the last one which came in and was up to my ankles I had sneakers and socks on wet.

I had to be back by 1 pm for the Gala Christmas lunch we had assigned tables mine was #32 but looked everyplace and nothing, every # but that one. I finally  had to ask and it was in a corner out of order and no number on it. We all decided at the table that we were the bad ones and were discussing what bad things we did in our lives to get here the un-numbered table. Everyone at my table was from United Kingdom except one man on holiday from Burma. Also a couple from Wales the husband could not believe an American who heard of Wales let alone had actually been there. At first he could not believe I wasn't from Ireland as I sounded so Irish.  We had a lot of laughs the food was good but the turkey wasn't quite cooked, so could not eat all of it too bad. I had plenty of wine and some champange we were toasting each other.
I talked with the woman next too me she was a true Cockney born within the sound of the Bells. She first said I don't quite have the accent any more because I am educated but now I am proud to be a true Cockney why even Michael Cain is one of us lived so many places she and her husband retired to Spain, which lots of Brits do. The desserts were good so much chocolate YUM I spent so much time yakking and enjoying the company so gave up on a trip to Malaga this afternoon. I headed out for the internet and to enjoy the sun rather than nap was tired but refused to give in.
The temp is about 64 which I love capris and short sleeves thank you very much on Christmas Day! I sat on a bench singing Wonderful Christmas time OUT LOUD. I don't care it's my trip I can just do what I want