Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What incredible lights in Malaga last night it was so awesome never saw anything quite like it totally and I took a few zillion photos they did not over advertise it was truly amazing. Especially on Calle Larios I just stood staring and it got me choked up. There were little bands playing Spanish perky music and people were dancing it was fun just to watch as people jumped into the middle and started to dance. Decorations all over the town a bigger than life Nativity scene in the center
Dazzling lights
Nativity Scene Malaga

I went to Malaga early and went to the cathedral as did not see it last trip it was really beautiful and so many different altars, this one altar with an big eye and it was really interesting then I went out side and saw another area to go in with life size statues of the annunciation and then also the nativity it was beautiful. I remembered the place where I had lamb pita last year so found my way back and had one, though I left off the chips. I walked around awhile saw people in line at the city hall and I decided to get in line someplace in my mind I remembered reading nativity there and I was right.
Eye altar

They love to do the Natvity scenes here people its like a huge village not just the typical scene Mary Joseph Jesus and wisemen  and so many little things it was worth the wait partly as it had a bathroom and was warm as the evening was getting cold. The down side was listening to this woman ramble on and on in Spanish so loud and no one with her got a word in edgewise.
Then I came out and saw the lights and they were everywhere and totally amazing. I walked quite awhile there were so many little alleys off the main street and they were full of lights too each area different than the last.  Never knew what I would see next . I think I saw where the Christmas market might be but was too sore and tired plus it was almost 8 pm. I was getting hungry for dinner. The dinner was ok I did not eat a lot because of the lamb pita for lunch but I had me some wine.

The Annunciation