Wednesday, December 28, 2011

By the sea by the sea the beautiful sea

My big toe is pretty bad as the nail is is trying to fall off so I found some peroxide and some bandages and see if that helps. It wasn't as easy as it sounds trying to find peroxide when the everything in the shop is in Spanish however I do know there are so many similar words Spanish/English and saw the word oxigenada and that was it.

I walked in the sea today it was lovely and SUN the water was cool at first but I did get used to it after awhile and it was good I was calling the waves to come to me and kept saying chicken and then all of a sudden one came and I got the bottom of my capris wet. I walked for awhile and it was good and the sun was so warm. Finally !! my kind of weather around 70 not too hot nor cold. I just wore capris and short sleeves though some people had jackets and pants, not me.
Pablo Picasso Statue
Naughty Cricket
Sand Sculpture

Malaga Cathedral

Then I headed off to Málaga again just walked around nothing exciting I  was enjoying the sun and people watching. I walked over to where these white tents were that I had seen earlier in the week and they turned out to be little shops. It was nice to be by the water I just sat there for awhile soaking in the sun and viewing the Cathedral and the Gibralfaro across the water.

I then headed off in search of a toilet and finally found one by an little children's amusement park. Now here is where I made my fatal mistake I saw one with a handi-capped sign so headed for the other one the door was open so that hid the sign, Now walking in I saw urinals which should had given me a clue but I got it into my head this was a shared bathroom, men or woman. So I went in and shut the door and heard men's voices as they came in minutes later. So I just stood there and waited till I could no longer here them talking and opened the door to step out. One was just at the main door leaving so he saw me but did not bat an eyelash. Of course checking the open door other side was a little figure of a man.

I looked for a place to check mail and went up and down a lot of little interesting alley ways. I checked my mail I spotted a little Fairy outside a store came complete with a toll stool and she was posing with children I took a few shots, I looked at the lights again and people watched. I decided to head back and have dinner as was getting tired, I managed to catch and earlier train as I remembered the time of the one I just missed.

The older woman in Spain are rude I have been shoved in the back more than once they jump ahead of you in lines and oh they never shut up non stop yakking any men I see with them just look so downhearted I guess they deal with it.