Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Luckily I found Cricket in the wine barell

I had decided to go to Ronda since I did not make it last time the tour stopped in Marbella and had a quick walk through the old section (and I mean QUICK) and then we had 20 min free time to drink or pee I choose a quick walk to the sea which was finally blue as it was sunny. The sun was just rising as it does not get daylight that time of year until almost 9. Cricket my travel buddy was climbing on statues and the next thing you know the cops came along and he got arrested for refusing to get down. Luckily I convinced them that he did not read Spanish and they let him go.

Looking down the Gorge
We then headed to Ronda. We met our tour guide she walked us around the old section. Also made a stop for views of the famous gorge, it looked deep and pretty the sun was finally shinning. A man in costume came by on a horse and she said it is okay to take photos I did of course. Then we went for wine tasting and I had 2 little cups of white wine might not have been a good thing early cricket was climbing on barrels and I almost forgot to pick him up, cos he was drinking way too much.

Then we visited House of St John Bosco it was really interesting palace and his name rang a bell with me (good old Catholic school) but somehow I was thinking not Spain  I asked and he was Italian and never lived in Spain

We then walked some more through the town and also visited the famous Ronda bull ring. Ok don't get me wrong I am against bull fighting but the other part the costumes the culture sound fascinating. The guide admitted she never attended one but went on to explain the culture behind it. She was talking about famous ones attending like Antonio Banderas and I said now him Id like to see to another woman on the tour and we were both making faces about him.. Oooo lala.
I saw a beautiful white horse and it turned out to be the man who had ridden by earlier and you could have your picture on it for 2 euro but getting up was hard but he managed to haul me up somehow my foot that was bothering me made it harder and I found someone to take my photo oh with the matador.

Then we had free time I walked around got an ice-cream yummy it was getting quite warm and I was overdressed with long sleeves on. I found a spot and they were playing Spanish music so enjoyed it as I had my ice-cream. Saw and a beautiful church walked some more and then ran into the Gorge again somehow I forgot to go look for it must be the wine only had about 15 min but got a lot of photos and gazed. I ran back to the tour and just made it for along walk back to the bus esp. with sore toe.
We stopped in Puerto Banús which is the rich jet set and saw lots of yachts and also some super cars we only had 35 min but I covered lots of ground despite my feet hurting me so. (Chic restaurants, bars and cafés cash in on the hype, and everything costs considerably more. Marbella has the highest per capita income in Europe and more Rolls-Royces than any European city apart from London.)
Then back to hotel and the internet to call my nephew Kevin for his 20th birthday and then off for dinner ran into the Welsh couple from the Christmas dinner and the wife came over to talk with me. I got back to my room and my toe was pretty bad have to go and get something for it in the am.

Christmas trees everywhere
Cricket and his yachts